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Neuro Techniques and Treatments for Children

We believe that all children should be evaluated from infancy through adolescence because there are external factors placing unnecessary stressors on our children that negatively impact their development.

Applying Brain-based therapies in combination with chiropractic techniques allows us at Neuro Health Chiropractic Center to build a better-balanced brain. This allows children to meet milestones and develop appropriately. 

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Why Choose Neuro Health

Benefits to Chiropractic Care:

At Neuro Health Chiropractic Center, we also offer pediatric neuro-intensives for children who struggle with symptoms associated with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, and Emotional/ Behavioral dysregulation.

This program is an intensive 1.5-month long program consisting of 1:1 brain-based chiropractic care and rehabilitation with Dr. Jungels herself. This program is individually customized to meet every child’s unique needs by evaluating the stability of their autonomic system, visual system, somatosensory systems, vestibular system, primitive reflexes, cognitive and physical functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Neuro Health Chiropractic Center, we feel that children should be assessed in our office as early as possible. This includes the day after they’re born! The sooner your child can be assessed allows us to make sure they’re developing on track regarding their age-appropriate neurological standards. We want to set their neurological foundation so they can grow and function to be as healthy as they can be!

When we assess your children, we listen to your concerns as parents first. We want to make sure we are the right fit for you and your family when it comes to receiving treatment for your child. We do a full neurological examination after taking a parental history by evaluating your child’s age-related developmental anatomy (i.e. head sutures, shape, and size) milestones, primitive/postural reflexes, tone, cognitive and physical function. We are in depth because your child’s foundation matters.

After our initial examination, we may choose to “adjust” your child to help improve some of the concerns you may have with your child. In our office we use a variety of techniques to adjust children. Our first is a manual technique performed with the hands of the practitioner. This is a light gentle force technique to help improve areas of concern within your child’s spine based off their bedside examination. Our second technique is an instrument assisted technique that applies a controlled force through the spine in areas of concern instead of the practitioner’s hands. There is no audible sounds such as a” popping” sensation within the spine for either technique used. Before any adjustment is delivered, we make sure both you as the parents and child are comfortable receiving the adjustment as a part of the treatment plan.

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