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Elevate your game with our sports-focused brain optimization techniques, enhancing performance and recovery

We all know athletes perform their best when they feel their best. At Neuro Health Chiropractic Center, we chose to build a stronger brain through optimization and body connection.

Dr. Jungels has worked amongst athletes at all levels of competition for over 7 years. She has a deep appreciation for the art of athletic performance and knows when it comes to sports injury recovery or performance any athlete can benefit from improved reaction time, coordination, balance, object tracking, and awareness.

Through our brain-based therapies and rehabilitation we are equipped to meet any needs of our athletic patients.

Young sport woman holding knee with hands in pain after suffering injury running. Runner woman sit on road with knee injury and pain.
Close up of sport woman holding knee with hands in pain after suffering injury running. Runner woman sit on road with knee injury and pain.

Why Choose Neuro Health

Benefits to Chiropractic Care for Athletes:

At Neuro Health Chiropractic Center, we pride ourselves on helping athletes feel and perform their best through brain optimization and connectivity. Having a brain-based approach paired with chiropractic manipulation is best suited for athletes to help counter the demands placed on their bodies during performance or even injury recovery. We believe if an individual can move, they are an athlete, and we are here to help enhance overall abilities by improving brain function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we believe that every athlete can benefit from Neuro therapy. Each athlete we see has individuals needs when it comes to meeting the specific demands of the sport, they choose to participate in. Dr. Jungels has treated athletes at all different levels of competition for many years which has allowed her to understand biomechanics, injury prevention, and performance needs. She finds a unique way to blend neuro therapy in while meeting your treatment goals.

Please bring any previous diagnostic imaging or tests performed prior to your initial appointment. We would also love if you could wear/bring appropriate clothing in regard to being able to expose the area of injury. Lastly, please make sure you have listed Dr. Jungels on your release of information in regard to your other providers.

Dr. Jungels loves a team collaboration. She has many professional connections amongst the orthopedic realm and is willing to co-manage your care with whomever you have chosen to be a part of your health care team. She will work tirelessly with your other providers to make sure you are getting the best care you deserve.

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