Boost Your Brain Health and Enhance overall Quality of Life

Experience cutting-edge chiropractic treatments that combine functional and integrative healthcare principles, to enhance brain health and overall well-being through our unique neurological approach.

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Discover a new path to wellness at Neuro Health Chiropractic Center.

Elevate Your Overall Well-Being with Brain-Based Care

Dr. Caitlyn Jungels, our expert chiropractic practitioner, brings her passion for brain-based approaches to address a variety of conditions. From general chiropractic care to pediatric treatments, athletic support, and sports performance, she’s here to help.

We’re proud to be one of the few clinics in the greater St. Cloud area offering these unique therapies alongside a brain-focused approach. If you’re seeking an effective way to improve your brain health and overall well-being, you’re in the right place.

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What We Specialize In

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Pediatric Care

We believe that all children should be evaluated from infancy through adolescence because there are external factors placing unnecessary stressors on our children that negatively impact their development.

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Athletes and Sports

We all know athletes perform their best when they feel their best. At Neuro Health Chiropractic Center, we chose to build a stronger brain through optimization and body connection.

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General Chiropractic

Neuro Health Chiropractic Center prides itself on team collaboration with other health care professions, including other chiropractic providers.

Our Neurological Approach To Overall Health

All our specialized treatments are designed to work with your brain health and nervous system.
Here are some examples of what we offer:


ArpWave Neurotherapy

A non-invasive massage technique that helps reduce chronic pain, improve movement, and enhance physical performance.


Chiropractic Manipulation

A hands-on approach to adjust areas of your spine, improving mobility and reducing pain by balancing your nervous system.


Focus Builder Eye Training

An eye training app that activates specific eye movements to improve brain pathways related to vision and brain activation.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A pressurized treatment that increases oxygen levels in your body, benefiting brain function and reducing inflammation.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Using different light wavelengths to promote healing and regeneration, improving cellular function and reducing stress.


Stimpod Technologies

This technology delivers signals to nerves and muscles, helping them reconnect with the brain, improving strength, mobility, and reducing pain.


Tilt Table Therapies

Passive treatments that help evaluate your body’s response to gravity changes and support your autonomic system.

Dr. Jungels


Meet the Doc

Dr. Jungels began her chiropractic journey growing up in Carlton MN; where athletics guided her decision to find a career where she could help athletes. Her journey then led her to Saint Cloud State University, St. Cloud MN, where she completed her bachelors in sports medicine with a minor in psychology and soon after obtained her certification through the BOC and began a career as a licensed athletic trainer.

After five years of practicing in the field of Athletic Training, she went on to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington MN, where she completed her doctorate in Chiropractic.

With her strong commitment to a lifetime of learning, Dr. Jungels maintains a strong passion for finding chiropractic and brain-based solutions in the treatment of her patients.

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